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> Put this app on Start up of Someones PC
> And fill the Setting.ini File with;
- SPY IDs Password
- And the Admin ID
- And to Open Notepad ;) type 0 or else if you don't want to open.

[Giving Commands]
> To give commands Private SPY ID;
- Admin ID can give Commands without Entering the Password
- For other IDs they have to Enter the Password to Give Commands
- Default Password is "whosrocks". Type this on Private of SPY ID

All Users [Commands]
. = Check Hidden Attacker is online or not

> Admin [Commands]
PAS = Change the password of Application. For users Authentication to this Application
BAN = Ban User, so that user cant use this Application even if he knows the password
REC = Reconnects all the Connections
USR = Shows all Authenticated Users using the Application
BND = Shows all the Banned users who cant use the Application
CLR = Clear both Authenticated and Banned users List
CHK = Shows number of Connections Available
EXT = Close the Application
CAD = Change Admin ID
CID = Change SPY ID (spy)
CPS = Change Password (spy)

> Authenticated Users [Commands]
DRV = Shows all the Drives in the PC
DIR = Shows all the Folders on the Path
FIL = Shows all the Files on the Path
NOW = Shows the Current Time and Date
DET = Shows the Host Name and IP
MSG = Shows the Message box
WEB = Opens the web site
CMD = Runs the CMD Commands
OPN = Opens the path
CDO = Opens the CD Rom
CDC = Closr the CD Rom
SCC = Switch off the Screen
SCO = Switch on the Screen
LCK = Lock the PC
RED = Shows message in Red Window
HDI = Hides Desktop Icons
SDI = Shows Desktop Icons
HCL = Hides the Clock
SCL = Shows the Clock
SSB = Shows Start Button
HSB = Hides Start Button
SDP = Shut Down the PC
FSD = Force to Shut Down
RPC = Restart the PC
LOG = Logoff the PC
BIP = Block the Inputs
AIP = Allows the Inputs
SND = Sends the keys to Present Selected Window
ADD = Adds to Friend List

[Support Files]
- MSWINSCK.ocx (attached withs the rar file)
- Copy to some where and Open CMD and type below commmand
- = where the file is. For example;

[Tested on]
Tested on Windows XP and Windows 7 (works fine for me)

- Before getting large Directorys Please check the Connection to get rid of Getting ID Suspended!

Password: whosrocks

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